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How IndigoPro works

IndigoPro's Accounts Payable automation (AP automation) includes the technology used to help improve and streamline accounts payable processes by automating them. AP Automation removes time-consuming manual tasks and provides increased visibility and control over invoice management.

Businesses with an automated accounts payable process save on paper, computing resources, and vendor fees from lost invoices and human error. Furthermore, IT staff and accountants save time when they no longer have to pull data together from fragmented sources.

Everything that can be automated, must be automated!

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Cloud-based smart invoice processing

Make your invoice process an enjoyable, digital experience  

Cost reduction, security, availability

Invoice processing is a great example. Manual invoice processing drains you of valuable resources like energy, time, money and the ability to focus on more meaningful work. Yet the whole process can be seamlessly digitalized. Let the machines do the heavy lifting for you! 

IndigoPro's AP automation Software can:
  • be directly integrated into Intact vLine, Xline & iQ
  • process invoices arriving via different channels (e-mail or post)
  • correctly extract data, sort and classify all invoices
  • set up workflows for verification, approval and posting



Price Watch

Can be set to monitor invoices for price movements between invoices. Purchase Order Matching can link your PO system with IndigoPro to display the PO with its matching invoice. The invoice can then be automatically processed.  

GRN Matching

Along with PO matching, IndigoPro can display and/or auto–process invoices that match with GRNs.  

Statement Reconciliation

Reconciles your supplier against processed invoices with one click. A copy of any missing invoices will be immediately requested.  

Delivery Confirmation

A delivery confirmation can be set on any invoice, with any shortages automatically sent to your supplier for resolution.  

Dashboard Screen

Our user friendly dashboard shows you at what stage your invoices are in the approval process.  

Document Tracking

Invoices within IndigoPro that require approval are tracked, illustrating whose approval is required and how long approval is outstanding.  

Full Knowledge Approval

When manually approving an invoice, a user has access to vital information to make the correct decision on that invoice.  

Nominal Ledger Coding

Automatic NL coding can be based on any or some of the following: suppliers, line items, PO detail, manual overriding, and branch or project coding.  

Issue Checking

IndigoPro facilitates ongoing checks for many possible issues, and retains the invoice for your review/editing if required.  

Search and Storage

IndigoPro stores all processed invoices for 7 years, and provides an extensive search facility for users. 


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