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Intact Xline - April Update

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Great update to importing data to intact


Data Imports in Intact Xline have been made even easier. You no longer need to have Excel installed to use the data importer!

Prior to this update, Intact required Excel to be installed in the same environment as Intact, and wouldn't recognize other Excel-type programs.



Easy way to compare price on the order line to the main selling price on the item

You can now add Stock Selling1 of a Product to the Sales Order Item List screen, so you can see at a glance the price the customer is getting the product at versus the base selling price of the item.

This could aid in the double-checking that a customer is not getting an older price from their price list.

This can be configured by adding the Stock Selling1 value through the list configuration.

POS currency toggle button available


You now have a currency toggle button to see your Sales Total in your Base Currency as well as the Customer Currency.

This can be found at the bottom-right of the Point of Sale screen, beside the Gross Total of the sale.




Get in touch with our support desk to learn more about any of the features listed here!

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