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Integrated Financials


Intact is a comprehensive, feature-rich accounting software program that can get you working smarter.  It can deliver more efficiencies, cost savings and competitive advantage to your business through its powerful and highly customisable features.


We have grouped our features into categories below, so feel free to browse through them at your leisure.  Alternatively, see a full list of Intact modules here.


Intact Software Features




Intact is suitable for businesses in the wholesale and distribution industry (see Industry Expertise for more details).   It has been developed through the use of the latest tools and technologies to provide advance functionality to our customers.


Through strong relationships with our customers, Intact has develop into one of the most comprehensive, feature rich, user-friendly and scalable accounting and business software solutions on the market today.


Intact is tailored to satisfy your present and future needs with the minimum amount of disruption to your company functions during implementation.  We will tirelessly work with you to ensure you get the best return from your investment.


To help your business deliver more efficiency, reduce costs and ultimately increase potential profit, take a look at our category list above and find out more about their related modules.


What makes Intact different?

  • Powerful solution – Intact has been evolving over 17 years in the wholesale, distribution, manufacturing, service and retail industries.  Our customers spoke, and we listened.  Today, Intact is an impressive suite of software simply developed by keeping up with our customers needs.
  • Unmatched flexibility – We want your business to succeed so we spend time focusing on what you want the software to do for your business.  By closely working with our consultants, a package, specific to your business, can be tailored to meet your exact needs.  From a single user to 1,000 concurrent users, to multi-location sites, we can cater for them all.
  • Exceptional functionality – With the degree of functionality available in our software, you shouldn’t have to change your processes to suit our software.  Additional development work can be created to meet all your requirements.  No two companies operate the same so we don’t expect the same configurations to work for everyone.
  • Ease of use – We strive to make complex processes look simple so we’ve developed Intact to be easy to use and intuitive.  The consistent positive feedback we get from our customers shows we’re doing just that.
  • Quick access to real-time data – We don’t want you to miss out on any opportunities.  We want you to be able to make better decisions faster.  With this in mind, Intact has been developed to give you access to vital information with minimal effort.  With generic screens and menus, critical information is a few simple key strokes or click of a mouse away.
  • Full integration – Intact is fully integrated across your business giving you the visibility and control you need to efficiently run your growing business.  No need for numerous third party applications like CRM, credit control or stock management features.
  • Superior Support Services – It is our goal to provide you with a superior level of support to ensure you get the best from your software.  Weekly hints and tips are sent out to keep you up to speed on all the capabilities of Intact.
  • Sophisticated report generator – It is easy to get the information you need from the system when you have the ability to design your own reports.  Save hours and hours of time by simply creating the reports important to your business.
  • Built to last and scalable – Intact is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers.  With new modules and features added to the core product regularly, the software grows as you grow.  Changes are frequently passed on to customers in future upgrades and modules can be added to your core package if, and when, you need them.
  • Competitive advantage – Think of a way to out-smart your competitors?  Get the Intact development team to fine-tune your package to get you that competitive edge.
  • Prompt development time – Our in-house development team can turnaround changes faster than any of our competitors.


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