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Intact Software Order Processing Stock Control

Intact Software is a fully integrated order management & stock control software

From raising a quotation, issuing an order and ensuring stock availability to despatching goods and creating invoices, Intact Commercials has it all
The Intact Commercials module can deliver significant automation of your order processing procedures combined with efficient and intelligent stock management.

With Intact you can considerably speed up your data order entry through highly configured data entry screens. And, with screens configured to be easy to use, an exceptional product search facility and accurate stock information, your staff can achieve a lot more with less effort; resulting in better customer service.


Intact software is a Complete Order Management Software

  • Customise individual end user screens to suit their respective roles and accelerate adoption
  • Speed up data order entry with screens configured to be easy to use, requiring the minimum about of key strokes
  • Create effective and easy to manage workflow scenarios to implement controls and authorisations
  • Avoid overstocking/stock-outs with our stock replenishment review facility
  • Tight implementation of your credit control policies will minimise bad debts
  • Exceed customer expectations with accurate, real-time stocking

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