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Intact Software Financials

Intact Software Financials

For real-time visibility and control, you need Intact’s fully integrated Financials module
The Intact Financials module contain all the traditional functionality you would expect in a business management software package.

What makes it different is the additional features you get as standard – workflows, dashboards, schedule reporting, security policies, complete audit trails and a whole lot more.

So alongside a strong set of core financials, Intact gives you the ability to closely monitor and manage every aspect of your business.


Intact Software gives you complete financial and managerial reporting

  • Streamline your accounting and finance processes
  • Improve your financial and managerial reporting
  • Get more accurate and accessible financial information
  • Facilitate regulatory compliance
  • Get a true and complete financial picture
  • Aid better strategic planning and analysis
  • Improve cash flow and liquidity

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