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Intact Software CRM

Intact Software Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Marketing

Intact Software allows you to Maintain and enhance your customer, supplier and prospect interactions with Intact Customer Relationship Management & Marketing Manager (CRM)
Customer Relationship Management is an essential part of modern-day business management.  Intact iQ’s Customer Relationship Management module is not simply a contact management system but a complete marketing tool for your business.

If you have the CRM strategy, Intact can facilitate it. It enables you to create static or dynamic lists, design a marketing campaign via email, SMS, letter or telesales list, set your budget and measure the results.

Intact Software CRM tools will help you…

  • Get a complete & up-to-date view of all your customer interactions from a single, centralised database
  • Facilitate instant communication to customers using templates for letters/emails/texts, edited to each specific interaction
  • Find, attract and win new clients whilst nurturing and retaining existing ones
  • Support critical business processes by delivering relevant, timely & accurate information to the right people at the right time
  • Get a comprehensive view of your organisation’s pipeline, orders, potential revenue & other KPIs

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