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Financial Ledgers

The core functionality of any accounts software package centers on a strong set of financial ledgers.  Whilst the operation of these ledgers would follow a global standard, we feel that Intact presents these modules in a most user friendly and powerful manner.


The core financial modules include:


  • Sales Ledger
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Nominal Ledger
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Multi Currency
  • Management Accounts
  • Report Generator
  • Form Designer
  • Basic Invoicing


Selected  Features


Sales Ledger


The Sales Ledger offers the ability to:


  • Display the customer name, balance and contact details on a single screen in list format.
  • Search or sort by code, name, area, rep, route with a quick search facility always ‘live’.
  • Show the balance on customer accounts divided into billed, unbilled and on order totals.
  • Drill down to each account to display the ledger transactions with the ability to further drill down to the original transaction which can be reprinted at that time.
  • Access detailed customer sales history with two or three keystrokes.
  • Edit, print or add items to a customer price list from the sales ledger screen.
  • Allocate or un-allocate payment against individual invoices—put invoices on hold—put customers on hold.
  • Print statements of account either quickly from the customer ledger screen or as a batch from the statement print facility.
  • Force particular customers to give customer reference numbers.
  • Ensure that the customer’s VAT rate or nominal code is always used instead of the product’s code or VAT rate.
  • Edit, print or design detailed month end reports or user specific reports using the  report generator.
  • Apply credit charges to selected accounts if invoices are outside of agrees credit terms.
  • Print address labels and mere letters using Microsoft Word.

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