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INTACT Software recognises the importance of a credit controller and the impact such a role has to play within a business and have developed an integrated module which main purpose is to assist the credit controller by recording all contact with a customer regarding their outstanding invoices.


By selecting a date, which is compared against the due dates on invoices for inclusion in a customer’s due balance, the credit controller will contact customers regarding invoices that are due for payment.


On the main Credit Control Screen, the user will be able to view the total value of invoices that are outstanding and whether the due date falls before or after the date specified. If a customer has committed to paying an invoice on a set date then this information is clearly visible.



When contact is made the Credit Controller can highlight which invoices have been discussed and record notes against individual or groups of invoices.


The Credit Control Manager Module also records any debtor letters that have been sent and the debt collection letters will use the INTACT form designer to allow for invoices and their details to be listed on the letter, a feature which is difficult to achieve with any degree of flexibility in Word


The Credit Control Manager Module has been written to integrate with INTACT’s CRM and Task Manager Modules and is therefore able to highlight any account that has promised a payment and has failed to fulfill the promise.



The success of a Credit Control Manager Module can be measured by tracking the overall Aged Debt as well as the Average Debtor Days. A small decrease in the average debtor days can have a positive impact on Cash Flow within your business

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